About us

BHWH provides products for an environmentally friendly life created by talented hands of Vietnamese craftsmen. With all natural ingredients, BHWH believes that each living and working space will become greener, stimulating creativity and innovation.

Our story begins with a group of young people with an endless passion for export and passion for handicraft products. We traveled through the traditional craft villages, met and talked to people born there, listening to how they created the values ​​and emotions in each product. Our trust is underpinned by their belief in BHWH.
With all sincerity and demand, we are extremely grateful for the help of the brothers and sisters in the lead and for the support and sharing from the production partners.
For customers; As the name BHWH – By Hand With Heart, we are dedicated to bringing high quality products made by talented hands with hearts in them.
Our commitment:
– 100% of products are created and made in Vietnam
– Exchange / return products for free with manufacturing error
Our mission:
Helping every living and working space become greener, minimizing environmental impacts, thereby stimulating creativity and innovation for a more beautiful life.

BHWH team